Home Remedies for Heartburn: What Actually Works?

We all know what heartburn is: That horrible sensation of burning deep in your chest that sometimes crawls up into your throat. It’s an awful feeling, and once it starts, you dread thinking about how long it might actually last. The more important question is – how do you make it stop? There are medicines you can take, but most of them don’t actually work or work that well, and many of them may cause more harm than good when taken repeatedly. That leaves homeopathic, natural or home remedies for heartburn, but do any of these work?

free heartburn videoLike many diseases and disorders, there are as many “cures” as there are people to ask for help. The fact is some heartburn home remedies work for some people but not others. Of course, regulating your diet can have a positive effect, but some people just don’t know what to do and don’t want to make a complete turnaround lifestyle change just to live comfortably. Sometimes changing the diet doesn’t work that well either, because how should you change it to specifically work for both your condition and your lifestyle?

home remedies for heartburnDo Prescriptions Work?

While medical doctors often insist on pushing prescription medications and regular Western medical cures for this uncomfortable condition, up to and including even recommending surgery, it’s just not necessary. There are safe holistic home cures for heartburn that can provide a permanent solution to the problem. What is helpful is to hear from someone who knows about these treatments, has used them and can give some good insight.

Often we don’t try something that might help us because we are tired of trying new things that don’t work or we just don’t know anyone knowledgeable enough on the subject whom we trust. The bottom line is you want a safe treatment that is comfortable for you and most importantly takes care of the problem for good. Finding the right heartburn home remedy and someone to walk you through exactly how to use it until the problem is gone forever can do exactly that.

Heartburn Remedies

Here are some of the home remedies for heartburn (and/or myths) that may or may not work for you. You may have even tried some (or all) of them!

  • Peppermint and spearmint have been known to really settle the stomach when taken orally like in a tea; however these and other mints can actually make the condition worse, so they are iffy as an effective home remedy for heartburn.
  • Using Melatonin (the sleep aid supplement) is rumored to help, but there are no studies backing up the claim.
  • You may have tried drinking milk, thinking the base in the milk will counteract the stomach acid. However, drinking milk or having anything with a lot of calcium before bed may actually make it worse.
  • Many people suggest chewing gum as an at home cure. This does work for some people, as it makes your mouth produce saliva which buffers the acid. It also makes you swallow more, pushing the acid down.
  • Using a bed wedge pillow may help if you have more problems at nighttime, as it makes gravity work in your favor.
  • Drinking aloe vera juice has been reported to work for some. The recommended dosage is 2 ounces per day, but beware, as it tastes nasty.
  • Another not so tasty home remedy is baking soda. Try putting a tablespoon in half a cup of warm water and drinking it.
  • Since we’re talking about vile tasting solutions, here’s another one – apple cider vinegar. Yuck! Take a shot of it to see if it works – if you dare.
  • An apple a day? Yes – some say that eating a Red Delicious apple after a meal will make your digestion smoother.
  • Take prebiotics or probiotics.
  • Take a supplement of slippery elm to soothe your inflamed digestive tract.

If you’re like most, you’ve tried many of these types of at home remedies for heartburn. If you’re lucky, some of them worked at least for a short time or lessened the symptoms so you could at least function without so much pain and discomfort.

The real answer to the question of how to cure heartburn, effective acid reflux treatment or even GERD treatment (gastroesophageal reflux disease) is one of making small adjustments in your diet and lifestyle that will get rid of the problem for good. That really is the only home remedy worth considering, and it is indeed the best.

What should you change?

According to Jeff Martin, nutritionist and author of the popular book “Heartburn No More”, has made a list of foods that are known to agitate the condition as follows:

  • Acidic foods like tomatoes and oranges
  • Avoid milk-based products before bedtime
  • Chocolate can cause acidity because of its caffeine and fat content
  • Alcohol can irritate the stomach
  • Coffee and other caffeinated beverages

This doesn’t mean you can never have these foods again: It just means you may need to exercise some moderation if you want to live comfortably without heartburn. To find out more, click here.


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